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Harvest Moon: [6/6]

Title Harvest Moon
Author warmseptember
Pairing Gerard/Frank
Rating PG (NC-17 Overall)
POV Third
Summary Destiny has its way of changing lives under the Harvest moon. It took over a century to bring two lives together, but it just may rip them apart before they even stand a chance.
Disclaimer Not real.
Author’s note Mega apologies for this update coming so late!! The interest and motivation in writing this completely died for a while. I couldn’t not finish though (I hate it when people don’t finish =P ). Sorry again, and comments are love.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4a Part 4b
Part 5

Part 6

Dawn had broke, and it was then that Gerard awoke with a start. He lay on the cold cave ground in human form, peppered with a good amount of scratches and bite marks from the battle with Frank the night before. He sat up quickly, absently rubbing the top if his head to alleviate the dull ache that throbbed there. The bump on his head was of little concern to him, though, as he looked around the cave frantically. An icy chill gripped at his heart when he didn’t see Frank anywhere. Something had happened to his pup, Gerard could feel it. Frank was in trouble.

Gerard quickly got to his feet and hurriedly made his way back to where his clothes were left, dressing as fast as he could in his panicked haste. He gathered Frank’s clothes in his arms and took a second to breathe in the scent that lingered on the material. The action did its job of calming Gerard’s panicked nerves somewhat, but he didn’t waste another second more before taking off in a sprint out of the cave in search of his lost pup. He managed to pick up Frank’s trail and scent easily, and moved as fast as he could without straying from the trail with Frank’s clothes still clutched to his chest. When he picked up the faint scent of blood ..Frank’s blood.. the fear and guilt tearing at Gerard’s heart grew all the more painful to bare. Gerard would never be able to forgive himself for this. He promised Frank everything would be okay, promised he would keep him safe; promises he’d broken regardless of the circumstances.

He ran swiftly and soundlessly only coming to a stop when he reached a small clearing. Gerard stayed hidden behind a tree, peering from behind its large trunk at the makeshift campsite filling the clearing. In the early dawn’s dim lighting Gerard saw three tents set up around a dying campfire, but what really caught his attention, filling him with both relief and rage, was a man standing before his Frank locked in a cage and injured. Within an instant Gerard soundlessly sprinted up behind the camouflaged wearing hunter and hooked his arm tightly around the man’s neck.

“Release him now, and I just may spare your life,” Gerard growled threateningly into the man’s ear before shoving him roughly in front of the cage door, causing the man to fall hard onto his hands and knees.

“Gerard, no. It’s- it’s my dad.” Frank somehow managed to protest in his shock as he shivered, huddled in the cage.

Gerard looked down and indeed recognized the face of Tony Iero, but Gerard’s angry expression remained strong. “Let him out.” He ordered again in a low growling tone.

“I- I can’t. I don’t have the key..” Tony slowly rose to his feet, holding his hands up slightly at Gerard in a defensive manner. “You know what he is?” His eyes widened as he took a slow step back from Gerard. “..You’re one too. You.. you did this to him,” he accused.

“None of that matters now, except that he is still your son.” Gerard cast a worried glance to Frank’s wound and quickly passed the shivering boy his clothes through the bars of the cage before looking back to Tony, the anger quickly darkening Gerard’s eyes once more. “Now you best go find that key.”

“I’ll wake up the others if I go get it.” Tony rubbed his fingers over the stubble that covered his chin, sighing at the predicament and the unbelievability of the situation. “God Frank, how could you not tell me?”

“Maybe the same reason you couldn’t tell me about what you’re doing out here.” Frank zipped up his hoodie and winced at the sharp pain in his leg as he shifted to pull his shoes on. Completely dressed, he looked to his father with troubled eyes. “Do you.. do you hunt werewolves, dad?” This really seemed more crazy and unbelievable to Frank then the fact that he himself was a werewolf. “Is that what all those trips have been? God, does mom know?”

“Calm down, Frank. You’ll wake them..” Tony shushed, shooting a quick weary glance to the tents. “We’re just trying to help those like you that can be helped.”

“Yes, and kill the ones you deem unworthy.” Gerard butted in sharply, roughly shoving Tony aside to inspect the padlock on the cage.

“Sometimes for ones like you that is the only option.”

Gerard snapped his head at Tony, eyes narrowed and growling lowly. “Whatever helps you sleep at night, murderer.”

“Stop it,” Frank said desperately. “Please, just get me out.”

“Working on it, puppy..” Gerard gripped the padlock, twisting and pulling at it with all his strength. The sound of metal groaned, and Gerard soon flew backward off his feet when the metal latch gave way. He quickly got up and helped Frank out and on to his feet. Frank kept his weight off of his left leg, leaning against Gerard heavily for support. He let out a small whimper when Gerard urged him to walk. “We must get out of here now.”

“Take your hands off him,” Tony snapped, reaching out for Frank’s arm and pulling his son free from Gerard’s hold into a hold of his own. “Stay away from him, Frank. He’s poisoned you, but I can fix what he’s done to you, I promise.”

“There is nothing to fix,” Gerard growled back, yanking Frank back to his side.

“Nothing to fix?” Tony scoffed, grabbing a hold of Frank’s arm and pulling him back, but Gerard kept a tight hold on Frank’s other arm. “I will not have my son live the life of a monster, because of the likes of you.” His words dripped with venom, but softened as he addressed his son. “I’m sure it’s not too late for us to reverse this. You need to keep away from him, Frank. He’s hurt you, and nobody hurts any of my children and gets away with it.” As he spoke his final words, Tony’s free hand shifted to reach inside the front of his coat, taking a hold of a small pistol that had securely been tucked away there. He aimed the gun squarely at Gerard’s heart.

Frank had been mute, save small whimpers escaping his lips, as he found himself in the middle of a tug-o-war match. He was too overcome by the pain in his leg, too dizzy, too distraught trying to register that this whole disaster of a situation wasn’t just a dream. But with the appearance of a gun.. A gun aimed at Gerard, no mental or physical pain or stress mattered anymore to be noticed.

“Dad, no.” At once Frank pulled himself free from his father’s hold, moving to stand in front of Gerard.

“Move aside, Frank. I won’t let him hurt you anymore than he already has.”

“He hasn’t hurt me. He loves me. I love him.”

“He made you a monster.”

“I’m not a monster, dad. I’m your son.” Frank looked to his father, the look in his eyes both beseeching and sorrowful. The aim of the gun then wavered as the expression on Tony’s face softened.

“It is too late to do anything about changing him back. He has tasted blood,” Gerard said, loosing the malice in his voice. He couldn’t be upset with Tony now, knowing that he was just acting out of love for his son. “Let me get him out of here. I swear to you, sir, I will keep him safe.”

Tony seemed to contemplate this, shifting his gaze from Gerard’s earnest eyes to Frank pleading ones. So much to take in in such a short time, but his anger was beginning to diminish. Trust. He needed to trust both of them. He sighed deeply, tucking the gun away and moved to wrap his arms around Frank, hugging him tightly and looking to Gerard over Frank’s shoulder as he did so. “Get him out of town.” Tony reached into his pocket and tossed a set of keys to Gerard. “My truck’s parked at the north side grounds entrance. Take it and get out of here.”

“Thanks dad..” Frank whispered gratefully, squeezing his father back before limping a couple steps back to stand beside Gerard. He took Gerard’s hand and smiled to his father. That smile quickly vanished, though, with the sight of two other men emerging from their tents. They seemed a bit dazed and baffled by Frank and Gerard’s appearance at first, but their eyes widened in a guessing realization of what they were looking at when they saw the cage now empty as well. They pulled out their rifles and rushed forward.

“Run!” Tony whispered harshly to the Gerard and Frank. “They’ll check your legs for the wound. Run!”

The order didn’t need to be told again. Gerard gripped Frank’s hand tightly and took off into a sprint. Frank ran with him as best as he could, but it was more like he was being dragged. The pain in his leg was constant and brutal, and Frank swore it felt like the wound was being torn open more. He was bleeding again; he could feel it coursing down his ankle, soaking into his sock. Gerard sensed Frank’s distress and in one quick motion without stopping his footwork, Gerard seized Frank up over his shoulder. He held Frank there securely and ran swiftly, but the sounds of the other men shouting and Tony yelling out excuses that the boys were nothing and had just set the wolf free were not fading all that much. He and Frank were being chased, but there was no way that Gerard was going to let them get caught. There was absolutely no way that he was going to let Frank get hurt again.

A gun shot rang out suddenly, and the bark of a tree near them exploded off the trunk. Tony’s scream of fear for his son pierced through the air, and even with the distance Gerard could sense the man’s absolute panic and rage against his companions. Gerard was not about to let the next bullet hit them if it came, and so he dug deeper still inside himself, willing his legs to move faster. Even with having to carry Frank’s added weight, Gerard in the end still proved quicker than the hunters, reaching the parking grounds with the men still a good ways behind. He recognized Tony’s truck and quickly sprinted up to it, getting Frank inside in the driver’s seat.

“I- I can’t drive, Gerard,” Frank sounded weak, and the wince on his face from the pain he was feeling would not fade away. “It hurts too much. I’m too dizzy.”

Despite the fact that he had never operated a vehicle in his one hundred plus years, Gerard couldn’t argue. He slid Frank over to the passenger side and got in behind the wheel. He turned the key in the ignition, starting up the engine; he knew that much.

“P is to park it, R is reverse, and D is to drive forward,” Frank point out the letters at the shift, giving Gerard a very poor and quick driving lesson. He spoke quietly, breathily, and slow like it was a struggle for him to stay awake. “The right petal makes you go, and the left one makes you stop. Okay?” Frank didn’t wait for a response and just leaned his head against the door window and closed his eyes. He tried to block out registering the pain, but really it was no good. He just wanted to sleep so he couldn’t feel it anymore. He was growing more and more ever tired with each passing second.

Gerard could only nod, watching worriedly as it seemed to take a lot out of Frank to simply give him instructions. The concerned gaze lasted a second longer and then Gerard shifted the truck into drive and took off. The wheels kicked up the gravel covering the parking area as he had stepped down on the petal too hard all at once. He was out on the road driving entirely too fast, but he was at least quickly getting the hang out of better handling the truck. He may have been a driving novice, but Gerard knew every inch of this town and its neighboring ones like the back of his hand, so he at least knew where he was going, able to stay on the back roads to avoid traffic and people.

All the while Gerard stole glances at Frank as he tried to concentrate on driving. Frank did not look well at all, and Gerard contemplated bringing him to a hospital in a neighboring town. Werewolves’ lives were unbelievably long, but they were not immortal. It didn’t need to be a silver bullet through the heart to do one in like the myth said. They could be killed in anyway a human could; it was just their heightened ability to heal so much more rapidly that gave them a great advantage. Frank had lost a lot of blood, and the crimson liquid still flowed. With his first full moon transformation and the horrible situation that followed, Frank was mentally and physically exhausted. This coupled with the pain and dizziness his acute injury brought on didn’t really give Frank even the slightest chance of fighting off the unconscious that overcame him.

Gerard was fully aware all at once that something else was wrong with Frank. Remembering the instructions, Gerard pulled the truck off to the side of the road in a rushed and awkward stop. He turned to Frank, gently pushing away the stray hair that hung loosely over the boy’s pale face.

“Frank?” His usually calm and collected tone breaking as panic set in. “Frank, wake up.” Gerard shook him by the shoulder lightly, and then more urgently when he didn’t get a response. “Please, puppy.. wake up.”

One hundred years later to the day

The view of the cemetery was slightly obscured by the approaching twilight and the pouring rain. Gerard stood stoically before a gravestone, his long black coat and hair clinging to his soaked frame. His face looked youthful as ever, only appearing to have aged a few years. His sad eyes wandered over the writing on the stone. The name, the date of birth ..of death. Gerard couldn’t help but frown more.

“Are you okay?” he asked softly, turning his head to the shorter figure beside him, searching out for the smaller hand and linking their fingers together.

“Yeah..” Frank gripped Gerard’s hand and shifted closer, leaning against Gerard’s side and resting his head on his sire’s shoulder as Frank’s own sorrowful eyes switched their gaze back and forth between the two gravestones he and Gerard stood before. “I just miss them.”

“So do I, puppy. Your parents were good people.”

“They helped us out a lot, didn’t they?”

“That they did. Especially your mother ..after she recovered from the shock, that is.” Gerard chuckled quietly, a small smile coming to his face as he reminisced over the day he and Frank finally revealed the secret to the woman.

“Yeah,” Frank couldn’t help but smile too as he remembered. “Didn’t she faint like twice when I showed her?”

“Three times,” Gerard corrected, another soft chuckle rising from his throat.

“She was always a loon, but I guess you can’t blame her..” Frank laughed a bit himself, then sighed as he let himself get caught up in old memories.

“I shall leave you to your thoughts,” Gerard pecked Frank’s cheek. He would always feel a pang of guilt for having made Frank have to live so long with the pain of missing the ones he loved. “I will be at the gate.” Gerard bowed his head respectfully at the graves before turning and slowly making his way through the maze of stones to the entrance gate of the cemetery.

Frank sighed again and moved closer to the gravestones. He let himself get lost in the memories again. From his earliest childhood one to the last time he saw his parents, his thoughts branching off to his sister, his brother, his friends. All gone. Frank never wanted to forget a single memory, never wanted a detail to slip. They were all he had now. Sometimes he missed the old life he had, but the life of a werewolf was not so horrible. It was nothing Frank wished to reverse. He was happy with Gerard. Soul mates. Fate. This was how it was supposed to be. Frank just dearly missed his family and friends that had passed on, and he always would.

“I miss you.” Frank whispered, a hand lying atop each stone. He jogged away through the rain, catching up with Gerard’s retreating figure and taking his place to walk beside the man. At Gerard’s side. Where he had stayed for a century, and where he would stay until the end.
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