warmseptember (warmseptember) wrote,

Stockholm Syndrome [4/4]

Title Stockholm Syndrome
Author warmseptember
Pairing Gerard/Frank
Rating R
POV Third
Summary AU: Frank was in absolute disbelief that an honest to goddamn armed robbery was happening in front of him. His terrified mind reasoned everything would be okay, though. The man would get his money and leave. He would be fine. The girl would be fine. Everything would be fine. But oh how wrong Frank was.
Disclaimer Not real.
Author’s note so it’s the end =(. I want to do a sequel, just the idea for it hasn’t come to me yet. so don’t expect it in the near-near future, but someday it will appear! thank you all for the comments as always! Random double dedication: pretty_paulie & myazureromance =D.all my fiction listed here.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Part 4

This was a mistake. Frank had only driven a few miles away from the motel, all the while regretting his decision in leaving. There was no way Frank was going to the cops, especially since it was his plan to keep the stolen money. The only reason he left was because he was afraid Gerard was going to kill him in the end. But the more Frank let himself dwell on it the more he was making himself believe that Gerard had to care for him at least a little. Gerard saved him from that mugger, took care of his injuries, and left him free to go. Sure, Gerard had taken him hostage, was some kind of professional criminal, and had murdered someone.. but Gerard was looking out for him. Gerard was his friend. Frank was beyond thinking logically.

It was about three in the morning, and with the road dark and empty at this hour, Frank didn’t think twice as he quickly threw the stirring wheel to the left, sending the car skidding at full speed around into the opposite lane. He was heading back to the motel, sure he wouldn’t have to be afraid of Gerard killing him. Sure that if he just went off on his own his life would be miserable. Sure that if he went back to Gerard he would always feel alive and never lonely. Frank was back at the motel in record time. He grabbed Gerard’s bag, shouldered his backpack, and hurried to the door. If Gerard had awoken he would probably be a mad that Frank had took the money, but Frank was relying on the belief that somewhere along the abnormal time spent together, Gerard developed the same sort of bizarre fondness that he had. At room 111 he knocked lightly, hoping above all else that Gerard would be happy he came back. But when he knocked the door creaked open a little. It had been left unlocked and slightly ajar, and Frank remembered clearly that he shut it when he left.

“Gerard..?” he called out softly. No response, and Frank fumbled his hand against the wall to find the light switch. The wall lamps turned on at once, and Frank felt his heart sink a little when he saw Gerard’s empty bed. “Gerard?” he called out a little louder, rushing in further to check the bathroom. It was empty, and Gerard’s bags were nowhere in sight. Gerard had left, and probably to avoid getting caught by the police if Frank had went to them. Frank couldn’t stop frowning. Couldn’t stop feeling so stupid for leaving. Couldn’t stop feeling so empty. He had blown his chance. He trudged back to his car and sighed. There was no way he’d ever be able to find Gerard if he tried. Now he really was alone. Frank started up the engine, threw the car into gear, and just started driving. Frank was lost and had no clue where he was going, but he really didn’t give a shit where he ended up.

And so he drove fast and aimlessly, only slowing a bit when he was about to pass a police car that had pulled someone over. Frank casually glanced over, watching the men in the glow of headlights, and Frank’s eyebrows just about leapt off his forehead when he recognized the man the police officer was making get out of the car to be Gerard. Frank kept on driving a little ways and pulled over. Finding Gerard was some crazy sign from the fates, and Frank wasn’t about to let Gerard get arrested and taken away. His eyes drifted to the bag of money resting in the passenger seat as he remembered the gun was still in there. Spring Gerard with the gun. He could do this. He was going to do this.

Frank turned back out into the road, driving back toward Gerard. He pulled over on the other side of the street across from them and watched for a second as the cop was clamping his handcuffs around Gerard’s wrists behind his back. Frank’s breathing had already became erratic with just the thought of what he was about to do. With shaking hands he opening the bag and pulled out the gun, and with a resolute breath got out of the car. Gerard as being led back to the police car, and Frank cocked the gun.
“Let him go!” Frank shouted with a voice more firm than he thought he was capable of considering how scared he was. Threatening a policeman with a gun. It was insane, terrifying.. crazily thrilling.

The cop and Gerard turned their heads and both looked absolutely shocked. The policeman reached for his own gun, and Frank had to make a decision in that split second. Try to reason with the cop that was most likely just going to shoot him, or pull his own trigger. It was the latter that happened. Frank figured he really didn’t have an option if he wanted to get out of this with Gerard alive. Frank pulled the trigger, and the noise it made was loud and earsplitting to Frank. He had never fired a gun before and even with a shaking hand his aim was precise. The officer was hit squarely in the chest and crumpled to the ground. He laid there for a few seconds, hands clutching at his wound and blood steadily streaming through his fingers. Frank watched as the cop struggled to take in a few breaths, then the breathing stopped altogether. Frank’s shaking hand was still pointed at the target that had long dropped, and he just stared trying to process what he just did. He just shot a man. He just killed a man. But he just killed someone to save someone else, surely that didn’t make what he did that horrible..

“Shit.. Frankie..?” Gerard snapped out of his shock, and the start of a grin curled at his lips. “Get over here, get the key out for me.”

Frank nodded quickly and hurried to the fallen cop, trying to avoid looking at the bloody hole in his chest as he searched the man’s belt for the keys to the handcuffs. Frank dug them out quickly and freed Gerard only to have Gerard swipe the gun out of his hand and aim it under his jaw.

“You little shit. I should kill you for taking all the money, but I suppose this makes up for it.” Gerard pulled the gun away and smiled. “You’re like my knight in shining armor, Frankie. Shit luck I fucking end up stealing a car that was already stolen. Ah well, crisis averted.” Gerard ruffled Frank’s hair and reached down to grab the cop’s fallen gun.

“I.. I’m sorry I left. I–“

“We’ll discuss your reasoning behind this little stunt of yours later, I think. For now we have a bit of a mess to clean up.”

“What are we gonna do with him?” Frank asked quietly, craning to look down either side of the road, expecting any second for a car full of witnesses to be heading their way.

“We’re going to get rid of him.” Gerard tucked the guns away in the back of his pants and moved to pull open the police car door. He pulled out the keys dangling from the ignition and quickly ran around to the other end of the car and opened the trunk. “Help me get him in here. I have an idea.”

Gerard grabbed under the cop’s arms, and Frank lifted at his legs. They hauled the heavy man up, both struggling a bit with the very literal dead weight as they moved him the little ways to the back of the car. He was dumped unceremoniously into the trunk, limbs getting pushed in awkwardly to fit them inside. Gerard slammed the trunk door down and twirled the ring of keys around his finger with a grin.

“Step one, complete.”

“We just leave him here?” Frank asked, chewing on his lip a little nervously. His heart was racing, but overall he was acting pretty calm despite the situation. It was like after all the horrible things he went through; Frank was steadily becoming desensitized to everything.

“Fuck no. He’ll be found in a heartbeat. You must have passed that lake a few miles back if you took this road. We’ll ditch the car and the body in there. So here’s the plan, sugar; we’re gonna move my shit into your car, I’ll drive the pigmobile to the lake, and I’m gonna trust you to follow me in your wheels. Then we push that fucker down to sleep in the lake bed. Got it?”

“Yeah,” Frank nodded.

And they did just that without a hitch. The thought to just drive off and leave Gerard with the problem of a murdered cop didn’t even enter Frank’s mind. He followed and helped Gerard according to plan, the two of them lingering a moment to watch the final bubbles surfacing on the water as the last of the air escaped the car. If the cop had only been wounded and unconscious, he sure as fuck was dead now. Frank let Gerard lead him back to his car and let him be the one to get behind the wheel. Gerard sped away from the scene, and Frank just stared out the window trying to forget everything that just happened.

“I can’t believe you did that back there. Fucking shot a cop.” Gerard chuckled to himself. “Didn’t think you’d ever have something like that in you, sugar. I guess I owe you a thank you.”

Frank just gave a small nod and remained silent. He was exhausted. Mentally and physically.

“Here..” Gerard pulled one of the guns from where they were tucked in his jeans and held it out to Frank. “You kill a man, you get his gun or some shit like that. Considering you just saved my ass I’d hope I could trust you not to use it on me, partner.”


“Well, you’re here on your own free will, aren’t you? And well, if you wanna stick around I think you..”

“I do,” Frank cut in. “I just left ‘cause.. ‘cause I was scared.”

“You know, I’ll admit I was planning on killing you in the beginning, but I’ve grown a little attached to you, sugar,” Gerard glanced over at Frank with a wink and tickled under Frank’s chin. “Partners could work out ..as long as you remember that I’m the one in charge. Can you remember that, Frankie?”

“I’ll do what you say, I promise.”

“Very good,” Gerard grinned. “Now why don’t you try to sleep, Frankie. You look tired. I’ll find us somewhere to stay.”

“Okay,” Frank nodded and couldn’t help the yawn that escaped him next. He rested back in his seat and hesitantly shifted over a little to rest his head down on Gerard’s shoulder. Receiving no objections from Gerard, Frank closed his eyes, and a slight smile touched Frank’s lips as he quickly drifted to sleep.


It wasn’t just another motel. When Frank had been gently shaken awake, it was day time and he found them stopped outside the grand glass lobby doors of a really nice hotel. Their bags were taken by a bellhop, and the car taken by a valet. Frank never caught the name of the place as Gerard got them a room and as they were led to it, but the place was huge and ritzy and nice as fuck. And their room. Their room.. Frank was sure it was three times the size of his old apartment. It had a full fucking kitchen, an expansive, luxurious living quarters with a big screen tv, a equally luxurious master bedroom, and this huge bathroom with a built in jacuzzi tub. Frank felt a little out of place being in a place so upscale, but he wasn’t about to complain.

Gerard was busy tipping the bellhop, and Frank strolled over to the large French doors that led out to a balcony that overlooked an impressive view of the ocean. Frank went on outside and lightly gripped onto the white railing as he gazed out at the view. The sand of the beach looked white and pristine and the water sparkling. He could get used to staying at places like this. It wasn’t long before he felt the presence of someone else beside him, and Frank looked over to see Gerard leaning against the rail, admiring the view as well.

“Where are we?” Frank asked.

“That doesn’t matter,” Gerard shrugged, still looking out over the water. “Just that we’re here, and it’s perfect. I thought after such a successful time together we could treat ourselves to a little vacation.”

“Do we deserve a vacation?”

“Aw, now don’t tell me you feel guilty about the money,” Gerard was looking to Frank now and sighed.

“No,” Frank let a short chuckle at his answer. “I probably should feel bad about it, but I don’t. But about.. the cop..” his voice got quiet.

“Frankie..” Gerard sighed again, slinging an arm over Frank’s shoulders and leading him back inside. “Why worry yourself over some random man you didn’t even know. He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sucks to be him.” He pulled Frank down to sit with him on the large soft plush tan sofa in the room. “You did what you had to do. And no amount of feeling bad or sorry is going to change anything. What’s in the past is in the past, and what’s dead is dead. So my advice to you, sugar, is try not to worry about it, and just try to forget.”

“I’ll try.”

“That’s a boy. Now come on,” Gerard got to his feet and motioned for Frank to do the same. “Come check out the bedroom with me. I haven’t really looked around.”

Frank got up and followed, lingering just inside the doorway as he watched Gerard kick off his shoes and climb onto the king sized bed so he was standing at the end. He watched with a smile as Gerard flung out his arms and just let himself fall back onto the mattress.

“Damn, this is the most comfortable bed I’ve ever laid on,” Gerard commented. He scooted up a little higher on the bed so his head rested on a pillow, and he looked to Frank, folding his arms up behind his head. “I figure we can share it. That’s okay, isn’t it, Frankie?”

“That’s fine,” Frank nodded, walking over to stand at the foot of the bed.

“Good. Come on lay down with me. Seriously, it’s so fucking comfortable.”

And Frank did as he was told, toeing off his shoes before crawling on from the foot of the bed and laying down on his back next to Gerard. Frank rested his head back on a pillow and sighed. Gerard was right, the bed was so soft. It felt like his body was melting into it. The two stayed quiet for a while. Frank just appreciating this amazing place he was going to get to live in for a few days or so. It didn’t seem to bother him at all that he owed it all to thievery. It was Gerard that finally broke the silence, turning on to his side so that he could face Frank.

“So Frankie,” Gerard shifted a little closer, letting his finger trace over the tattoos on Frank’s arm, “am I really so charming that you really want to stick around and take up a despicable life of crime?”

“It’s exciting..” Frank answered after a moment, turning his head to watch Gerard, “..You’re exciting.”

“Damn right,” Gerard smirked. He kept his hand moving, gently trailing up Frank’s neck and the side of his face. His fingers then came to play with the strands of Frank’s hair, delicately twirling the locks.

Frank sighed and closed his eyes. He had no objections. Lying there comfortably and letting his former captor touch and almost cuddle with him, maybe it was odd that Frank didn’t feel shy or wrong about it. Or maybe it should be expected that Frank would be more than willing to let himself go in any way that Gerard was concerned. The man had successfully flipped Frank’s life into another direction, and Frank was only more than excited for that. As far as Frank was concerned at this point, Gerard had saved him from a mundane, lonely existence. And as far as Frank was concerned at this moment, Gerard was absolutely amazing for giving him the kind of affectionate attention he had been starving for, for years. Frank couldn’t help but just want to soak it all in.

“You know I was thinking,” Gerard spoke up again, continuing to play with Frank’s dark locks, “we could get a permanent place to stay at when we’re taking a break from our.. illicit monetary acquirements. We could call it our secret lair and everything.” Frank laughed at the descriptions, and this only made Gerard grin. “Why Frankie, I don’t think I’ve ever heard you really laugh before. Too cute, sugar.”

Frank almost blushed at that and opened his eyes, turning on to his aside as well so he could face Gerard. “How are we gonna stay somewhere?”

“Let’s just say I’ve got more money than you can imagine me having all tucked away nice and safe. We can get a place wherever we want. Would you like that, Frankie? Just you, me, and the bat cave?”

Frank laughed softly again and nodded his head. “I’d like that a lot.” Frank believed one hundred percent that the nightmare he lived through was absolutely worth it to end up where he was now. Sure his new life was less than honest, but it was raw and real and exciting ..and it had Gerard in it.

“Excellent, ‘cause I think you and me should stick together. This life can be a bitch and kinda lonely doing it all yourself,” Gerard began to gently stroke his fingers up and down over Frank’s jaw. “We can watch each other’s backs, yeah? Keep each other company. Help each other out with our needs..”

More of that simple attention Gerard was giving him, and Frank turned into putty in Gerard’s hands. Frank really did view Gerard as someone entirely different from the beginning of their time together. The ‘domineering bastard’ was definitely part of Gerard’s personality, but he wasn’t putting any gun to his head, no threats. The feel of Gerard’s touch was oddly almost loving. With a life mostly deprived of such feeling, Frank craved it and basked in it. And then Frank couldn’t help it. He wanted more. He seized a hold of Gerard’s face and crashed their lips together. Gerard was shocked, but that kiss was readily accepted and deepened. And those lips jigsawed together, those tongues battled and tasted. And that kiss lasted until they desperately needed breath, and Frank instantly became a bit shy and unsure if that was such a good thing to do.

“Why Frankie,” Gerard smirked, slipping a hand underneath the front of Frank’s shirt to touch the bare skin,”I really have corrupted you.”

Frank bit his lip and smiled, feeling his muscles flutter as Gerard’s fingers crept under the waist of his jeans. “I guess so.”

“You know sugar doll, I think this partners thing is going to work out just fine.”

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